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I wanna blog live here, without constraints.

  1. May 2 2008 @ 5:55am | How come I feel like blogging live now? Hahaha, what a great morning staying up. I have cleaned up the newest layout 🙂 Just showered! But I haven’t finished my JOUR assignments, damn! I still have to revise IELTS tomorrow, I gotta get damn good grades in it! Gotta work harder! Celebrate my first entry of LIVE-BLOG! Enjoy!
  2. May 2 2008 @ 3:12pm | I feel so carefree right now 🙂 I have moved my work station to my parents’ room. Feeling more spacious!! Keep working on journalism assignments! Came across with the site Interesting site that allows you blow your frustrations.

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17 05 2008

At this moment I don’t want to sleep. My hais is itchy and oily. Feeling lost. Damn I still have one report to hand in!

17 05 2008

this way of liveblogging is more convenient than editing the post! Yay! I love this one – for lazy people!


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