Friends are my guardian angels

8 01 2009

I‘ve been inspired by two great friends in life. It’s not easy to be inspired by friends, since those are of your similar age. By interacting with them, it’s amazing, I’ve found that I’ve disclosed much of myself. I’ve made clarifications to both of my friends and myself of what I truly want in life.

First, I shared problems, something relationship ones, with Sam. He’s a relationship analyst, undoubtedly. He knows Roger pretty well. I’ve realized what I’m gonna do with the mess. At least, I know that a breakup doesn’t necessarily have to be an aggressive one. A peaceful ending could be an alternative.

Another thing, I told Sumisa that we have to achieve what we wanna do in our young age, otherwise, we’ll regret when we grow older. True, it’s the time that we get less responsibilities, it’s time for us to travel, to be free, to explore the world! I’m dreaming to go to Paris – wishing to study French and International Politics. It’s my dream to be protected, to be fulfilled.

Hope God will guide me to way to my dreams.




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