Bored to Blog

31 12 2008

It’s been a long time for not writing about my life. My life is as bored as a philosophical story you read from any classics. Boring? What’s the essential connection with bored and blogging? Simply, it’s not revealable. I can’t tell anyone the underlying reasons for not blogging.

The process of blogging is not easy. It’s much different from recording down what you have done. Before a person blogs, he needs to understand clearly the motives – why he’s blogging. Now, you can browse tremendous blogs over the internet. But how many you truly find interests in reading them, as a habit, as if those blogs were daily newspapers in your town? How you can keep the same group people reading the blog as a routine, is as hard as reaching to the sky!

Nonetheless, not everyone sets their target that HIGH.

[Later… I’m tired, an excuse to blog tmw]




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