What I really want

25 07 2008

The sermon today taught me to have closest relationship with God, and to live a life that’s God-centered. Well, right after I thought it was easy, but in fact, it isn’t.

After browsing through the facebook, I am quite depressed. How come I have such poor social skills in my university? I don’t actually have lots of friends, I am not good in class, and I don’t have high achievements so far. How come the other people can be so enjoyable? I am not here to be jealous. But I think I am not hardworking enough. It’s the result or punishment I need to bear. Before, I didn’t have to power of God, without such empowerment, I could see everything almost failed. I alone couldn’t make any difference. I guess those people who can get good grades mostly rely on the power of God. They pray, so they could be confident enough to perform themselves.

Right now, with the power of God, I also believe that I could succeed. From today onwards I need to rely solely on God. God is my Father in Heaven, He is the Lord, and I adore Him!





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