23 07 2008

I hate to name my blog entry with a title. I have recently reflected on my life, what’s happened? I have been kinda depressed when seeing my friends getting a job or traveling to Europe. Shall I work harder? Shall I do something that I really want?

I am planning a trip to South Africa. Oh my God, I am falling in love with African cultures. I went to North Africa in March and then again in August. Exciting! Let’s see the difference! But I really want to go to Morocco! I love African and Arabic! Arab rules!

I am planning to learn Arabic seriously. My plan in the future: teach Arabic in Hong Kong. I wanna teach French too! Yea, so I must study in a country like Morocco or Tunisia, yay back to Tunisia!

Sometimes I hate to plan what I want to blog, so I started a new section ‘scribbling’.





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