Learning to Learn

3 07 2008


  1. How do people normally learn to play golf?
  2. How do people started to learn languages?
  3. Why do we give up so easily?
  4. What does an effective leadership look like?
  5. How can I save more money?
  6. What career path should I go?
  7. How can I write better English?
  8. Why does my French suck?
  9. Why do I get envious easily when others play better sports than I do?

We used to learn tangible things in school, but we have never thought that we also need to acquire the skill to learn. How does learning take place? How can we go through the learning stages effectively?

Reflecting becomes essential.

First is First. Second is Nothing. I love this phrase so much. Today I discovered more ways to become successful. Life compiles lessons to be learnt. After all, we need to improve. Set high, Aim to achive!





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