20 06 2008

It’s quite hard for me to live on and on, I think. Life is full of challenges. It’s like God has given us tremendous tests, a lot of temptation. How can I make full use of my talent? How about my interests?

Courage is a big word. Looking back, I have been struggling for courage. It’s never easy. Face the music, face the reality, face the truth. The more I live, the more I know how hard live originally is. I am searching for a place for comfort. Writing was my hobby, I am wondering why I could spend a great deal of time planning for a short story – I could still Lucille standing in front of the church in London; a scene I constructed when I was opnly 14 years old. Where am I currently? It appears that I always look forward, look past but never look at the present. I want to CHANGE. Writing has been my hobby, especially in English. I have to discipline myself to read English fiction, so I can be like them, publish a storytale, a tale telling the world my hidden dreams.

Oh well, this has become my live blog, I am going to swimming, the weather is perfect today 🙂





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