New motivation in life

18 06 2008

I have been depressed, idled or attempted to kill myself for the past few weeks. Sleep has been almost absent in my life. How can I struggle back to normalize my daily routine?

Life sucks. Yes it is, at the moment. I am now at the could-be-the-lowest point in my life. Why the hell am I always mentioning LIFE. Life is a BIG word. I hate life at the moment because I don’t find myself working on something tangible that is rewarding or makes me happy. I wanna grasp the attention of YOU to change my destiny. This is not funny.

I am going to initiate a political commentating section on this blog. Not rambling, but serious political rambling. If this is succeeded, I am going to start a new political commentating network 🙂

Some of you might be asking: where the hell did I go to these few weeks? I will disclose later. This shouldn’t be my style of blogging.





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