Connecting People

17 05 2008

It’s not a slogan for Nokia, but I truly understand the need to keep in touch with friends, especially old friends. Meeting people, the feeling just makes you feel different. Let me recall who I talked to today:

#1 – Victoria
Physially met up. We went singing karaoke (singing together in an enclosed room) for almost 4 hours! Then I accompanied her smoking on the street for another hour.

#2 – Sam
Victoria’s friend met on the discussion forum. He got a great voice! I drove real crazy after hearing his gorgeous voice!

#3 – Emily
A girl who studied in Australia for 6 months, ever since I have never met her. We share similar interests, we went to see ballet performance together once. I made a phone call to her on the train, she told me she is planning to go to Hainan Island for 4-5 days vacation. Wow.

#4 – Ade
A guy from Nigeria, studying social sciences. I love talking to him because he is expressive, he has a lot of opinion! We are planning to meet next time, so he can teach me Arabic and I can teach him French and Chinese. Excellent!

#5 – Debby
An enthusiastic girl studying business, she got a boyfriend in Egypt. We show great interests in African culture. Oh my God!

#6 – Michael
An ambitious insurance agent I met last year. He loves studying languages, who has mastered Japanese, Russian, learnt a bit on Korean and Arabic. Currently he is learning Thai.

Look. Recording people I met is quite interesting.




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