Mission to be a Pro-Blogger

1 05 2008

Pro-Blogger? I have been thinking for the entire day. I believe that ‘blogging’ certainly has lots of benefits. Yes, it does, it boosts healthy lifestyle, and intellectually, socially, it makes your life more well-balanced. Any scientific proof? Nah, if you need it, I can start an experiment here. I am willing to proof to you all!

Why did I start this mission to be a pro-blogger? Professional, it is NOT easy. Somehow, when I browse through sites like www.digg.com or www.readerburner.com, I am soooo envious of those who have ‘self-discipline’ and ‘self-motivation’ to update their blogs at least once a day, sometime they update blogs twice or three times a day!! They traced links, they read others’ blogs/news sites/wikipedia in order to find out the TRUTH of stories behind! I am soo proud of them having ‘the thirst’ toward the truth!

Today, I am joining this revolution, I’m going to throw away my traditional way of blogging. I am going to model some top ones, probably learning their style… I am going to be famous, one day. I like writing soo much. I believe that this dream will come true. That’s why I’m living!

[Feedback please!]

Questions for Bloggers
Briefly introduce your blog.
How do you feel like when you blog?
What was your first blog entry in life?
How many years have you been blogging?
How often do you blog?
Why are you blogging?
What do you usually blog about?
What motivated you to blog? Your passion in it?
What’s your future plan in blogging? Are you keeping this habit? Or giving up?

Dudes, I would be highly appreciated if you could share with me your experience 🙂
Please show me some support!
Let’s connect and break off the old ways of blogging!



One response

2 05 2008

this is a test comment…



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