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18 11 2009

在此宣佈,The Psychotic博客網絡將會有更新的安排,而本網站將會是網絡之主。其他網站將會短期內向大家正式宣佈。


The Psychotic 博客網絡主席


Announcement:  there will be revised arrangements of The Psychotic Blogging Network (PBN), and the website you are browsing should be the main site of the above blogging network PBN.  We shall announce the list of other members of PBN shortly.

From today onwards, this website will be launched officially.  Thank you.

President, The Psychotic Blogging Network


Blog Ideas and Motivation

9 09 2009

It’s been a long time for not writing about life. It’s a pity that life without words could be less inspiring and reflective. I’m looking for a more inspirational life – where I can strongly embrace with the beauty of languages. Life without reflections is tough. I don’t know about life – what sort of lessons have I learnt? Life Lessons. What a big word to be applied to almost every contexts.

Scribbling, thinking when writing, writing can help translate my thoughts into words.

Looking down upon myself

16 01 2009

I have absolutely no idea on how to self-actualize. I’m now a white piece of sheet, having nothing to be achieved. What am I going to do? I’ve got no absolute strengths.

It’s time to breakthrough – to get out of my comfort zone. This zone has been too comfort for me. Either writing, or dancing – every time I see people dancing in good posture, my heart aches. Part of me has lied under the water.

Hey unconscious, what should I do? I’m so unhappy for being lost. My ideal self is too ideal, too hard to achieve. Shall I try my best to work it out?

What I’m thinking of myself –
What I should have done: actively keeping in touch with my old friends in school, not being passive like right now. Be charming, hang an elegant smile on face, instead of giggling so loud out there. Be nice and beautiful. Good at dancing and posture, attractive figure. Good at analyzing politics, current affairs and actively writing poems, proses…

I’d like to be a writer, a language teacher, a journalist, a travel writer, a peacemaker, a translator, an editor, a latin dancer, a ballet dancer…

Friends are my guardian angels

8 01 2009

I‘ve been inspired by two great friends in life. It’s not easy to be inspired by friends, since those are of your similar age. By interacting with them, it’s amazing, I’ve found that I’ve disclosed much of myself. I’ve made clarifications to both of my friends and myself of what I truly want in life.

First, I shared problems, something relationship ones, with Sam. He’s a relationship analyst, undoubtedly. He knows Roger pretty well. I’ve realized what I’m gonna do with the mess. At least, I know that a breakup doesn’t necessarily have to be an aggressive one. A peaceful ending could be an alternative.

Another thing, I told Sumisa that we have to achieve what we wanna do in our young age, otherwise, we’ll regret when we grow older. True, it’s the time that we get less responsibilities, it’s time for us to travel, to be free, to explore the world! I’m dreaming to go to Paris – wishing to study French and International Politics. It’s my dream to be protected, to be fulfilled.

Hope God will guide me to way to my dreams.

Poetic Life

4 01 2009

I‘m now more determined to understand and decode the underlying meaning of any kinds of poetry. In poetry, writers tend to express his feelings or thoughts using abstract wordings, they’re so unexpected and expressive.

Sometimes poems can be adapted as lyrics, poems can be sung. These two literal forms are very interesting, the most valuable assets for the soul. Talking about the soul – I’m wondering the ‘Chicken soup for the soul’, this series of book was so popular last decade. There’s chicken soup everywhere – for the teens, for the divorce…. But now, it seems they’re outdated.

Bored to Blog

31 12 2008

It’s been a long time for not writing about my life. My life is as bored as a philosophical story you read from any classics. Boring? What’s the essential connection with bored and blogging? Simply, it’s not revealable. I can’t tell anyone the underlying reasons for not blogging.

The process of blogging is not easy. It’s much different from recording down what you have done. Before a person blogs, he needs to understand clearly the motives – why he’s blogging. Now, you can browse tremendous blogs over the internet. But how many you truly find interests in reading them, as a habit, as if those blogs were daily newspapers in your town? How you can keep the same group people reading the blog as a routine, is as hard as reaching to the sky!

Nonetheless, not everyone sets their target that HIGH.

[Later… I’m tired, an excuse to blog tmw]

What I really want

25 07 2008

The sermon today taught me to have closest relationship with God, and to live a life that’s God-centered. Well, right after I thought it was easy, but in fact, it isn’t.

After browsing through the facebook, I am quite depressed. How come I have such poor social skills in my university? I don’t actually have lots of friends, I am not good in class, and I don’t have high achievements so far. How come the other people can be so enjoyable? I am not here to be jealous. But I think I am not hardworking enough. It’s the result or punishment I need to bear. Before, I didn’t have to power of God, without such empowerment, I could see everything almost failed. I alone couldn’t make any difference. I guess those people who can get good grades mostly rely on the power of God. They pray, so they could be confident enough to perform themselves.

Right now, with the power of God, I also believe that I could succeed. From today onwards I need to rely solely on God. God is my Father in Heaven, He is the Lord, and I adore Him!